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What Have You Decided?

There is a concept I read years ago that where you are today is a result of the culmination of the decisions you have made to this point. The classes you took in high school, the choice to go to college, which one, the degree field, what company to work for, what neighborhood to buy a house in, when to start a family, etc. Where you are and who you are is determined by the decisions you have made.

I discussed this with a client recently. I mentioned the concept I thought up years ago about a tree.

We all start at the base of a tree at birth. Before we become autonomous, we are simply moving up the solid trunk of the tree. At the point where we start making our own decisions, we divide that trunk and begin traveling on a new trunk. We must leave the other trunks behind; we cannot undo some of our choices and go back in time. Each major decision we make leads us down new sections of the tree. At the end of our lives, we all land on a leaf. This leaf is a result of the decisions we made, the path we have chosen to travel, the branches and limbs we have chosen. All the other leaves on the tree are the choices that were available to us, but not taken.

Where you are ten years from now will be the result of the culmination of the choices you make henceforth. What will you decide today? Tomorrow?

Some decisions are irreversible, such as having children, or buying one car or house over another, or choosing one job over another. The remarkable thing is, each one of those choices, whether they turned out good or bad (if there really is such a thing in our life’s travels) made you who you are at this moment. Who we are and how we view the world is based on a paradigm created on what we have experienced before.

In quantum physics we have learned that no experiment can be conducted or observed objectively. Our expectations will always be displayed in the results of any experiment. Within quantum physics there is a school of thought called “Quantum Bayesianism” Believe it or not, it was postulated by a guy named ... wait for it … Bayes. He theorized that our prior experiences will always shape how we view the outcome of any experiment. That all actions within a system behave as we expect, and as we have devised the experiment. All observations are subjective.

This further defends my statement. Our past decisions determine our experiences, which determine our paradigm, which determine how we decide, which determines our experiences, and so forth.

Given your past decisions, experiences, and your current paradigm or world view, where will you be in ten years? How will you decide your future? What can you choose today that will further that pursuit?

Thing is, you must choose. You must move forward. Make a choice, make a move. Decide where you will be, where you will go. Choose who you will be. What can you achieve? What can you change about yourself or the world?

Choose today what tomorrow will look like for you. Do not let it be the same. Stagnancy is for water, not your life. Grow, move, become. Decide.

Last week we learned a new form, The Yang Style 108 posture long form. Well, we learned part 1.

Let’s continue to work on that this week.

I am studying therapeutic massage at Ivy Tech. I’ve been adding Massage, Reiki, and Acupressure (for those who request that mixture) during my recent sessions. It has been great. If you would like to experience this blend of modalities, contact me about booking a session. All sessions are $60 cash, regardless of the combinations of modalities.

Classes are as follows.

All classes are pay as you go. No contracts or commitments.


Tuesday 6:30pm

Dubois County Museum

2704 Newton

Classes are $12.


Wednesday 6:30pm

Tri State Holistic Wellness

500 Saint Phillips Rd 47712

Classes are $10 cash

Saturday 11:00 am

Unity of Evansville

4118 Pollack Ave 47714

Classes are $10 cash

I'm available by appointment throughout the week in Evansville for

Reiki / Acupressure

Herbalism / Nutrition

sessions. $60 cash

Message me by text, email, or Facebook Messenger to schedule an appointment.

In the Tao,

Sifu Weeg

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