What We Offer


     The application of pressure at certain places on the body which correspond to various energy meridians to balance the energy flow and improve healing. Similar to Acupuncture, but without needles.  


     The application of suction (via suction cups) to the same acupressure points used in Acupuncture. Toxins are released form the body and balance is achieved within the energy systems, promoting health. 

Gua Sha:

     Also known as Scraping. A soft tool is pressed and rubbed along the acupoints to release toxins, improve blood and lymph flow, and achieve energy balance in the meridians. 

Tuning Forks:

     Application of the vibration of tuning forks to the Acupoints. Achieves the same balance as Acupuncture but is faster and less invasive.


     Japanese energy balancing utilizing the laying on of hands and the transference of energy to balance the Chakras and meridians. 

Ear Seeds:

     Small Vacaria Seeds are placed on Acupoints on the ears which correspond to various places on the body to promote heatlh and healing. 

Ear Candles:

     Ancient method of clearing and cleaning the ears to alleviate head colds, sinus pressure and ear pressure. 

Spiritual  / Metaphyscial:

     Chakra Clearing and Balancing, Negative Energy Removal, Past Life Reading, Paranormal Resolutions. 

Iridology / Nutrition / Herbalism:

     The eyes can indicate where constitutional predispositions lie. These can then be improved by nutritional and herbal supplementation. 

Tarot Card Reading:

     This is not furtune telling, or predicting when you will die or get cancer or hit by a truck. The cards are a pictoral or symbolic psychology. Tarot and the intuition of the reader help you through a problem, issue, or concern by showing all sides of the issue. The cards let you see the obstacles and opportunities available to you and the consequences of many different choices you might take. 


     The burning of elements (sage, sweetgrass, Palo Santo) has been in practice for thousands of years. The smoke clears negative energy from a space and invites new, vibrant energy. Physcial spaces collect negative energy, such as arguments, mindests, or emotions and can keep them for long periods of time. Think of how a funeral home or a hospital feels versus a church. Smudging brightens a space and leaves it feeling cleaner and lighter.