Tai Chi 

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art developed five thousand years ago by Taoist Alchemists. These men were searching for enlightenment and used simple mind-body exercises to cultivate a mindfulness spirit and a healthy body capable of great longevity. 

Tai Chi forms are a living collection of martial arts movements connected in a series. Each posture might be deciphered as several self-defense techniques. 

Today those forms are mostly taught to promote health and longevity due to their wide array of physical and mental benefits. 

Qigong (breath/energy work) is a series of individual movements designed to strengthen the body, focus the mind, and sharpen the spirit. Qigong exercises are usually grouped together in sets and are performed individually. 

One doesn't normally practice Tai Chi without also practicing Qigong. 

Before the Coronavirus of 2020, I held regular closed classes at

ARC of Evansville (resource center for handicapped persons),

Pinehaven Nursing Facility,

Evansville Protestant Home,

and open classes at Fresh Air Church in Evansville and Trinity U. C. C. Church in Jasper. 


Jan of 2020, I was invited to the Chinese New Year Celebration to perform a Tai Chi demo. I was the only non-Chinese person on stage the entire night of festivities. It was a great honor.

Once restrictions are lifted, I have open classes scheduled at

YMCA Evansville,

The PIT Barbell Club and Fitness Center,

The Washtub LCC, and

Yin Yoga, all in Evansville,


as well as

Dubois County Museum in Jasper and

Free Your Mind Wellness in Owensboro. 

Contact Me

2709 Washington Ave Ste 2A

Evansville, IN 47714



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