About Me

Hi, I'm Sifu (teacher) Joe.

I am a Reiki Master Teacher and Holistic Wellness Practitioner. I am currently studying Therapeutic Massage. I have trained in martial arts since 1987 and have a 6th Degree Black Belt, as well as a Black Sash in Kung Fu / Tai Chi. 

I opened The Reiki Choice in 2009 and closed that business to open Tri State Holistic Wellness LLC in 2018. 

I specialize in stress reduction and pain relief. 

In Sept 2020, I was diagnosed with Diabetes and Colon Cancer. I had an operation in Nov that year to remove 6 inches of large intestine. I then researched nutrition and herbalism and was able to reverse both diagnoses within a few short months - walking away from chemo after only 2 doses out of 12. I was also able to lose 140 pounds and am in optimal health. 

Now I apply what I've learned to help others make the changes necessary to improve their health and wellness. 

I work with Nature's Sunshine and Pure Herbs Ltd and Juice Plus to provide herbal remedies and proper nutritional supplementation to help the body to heal naturally. 

I can be best reached on Facebook Messenger or by text.