About Me

Hi, I'm Sifu (teacher) Joe.

I started training in martial arts in 1987 and began specializing in pressure points in self defense. I attained a 5th Degree Black Belt in Okinawa Kempo. 

I began training in Tai Chi /  Qigong / Gongfu in 2007 and began working even further in Reiki energy work. My Sifu (teacher) taught me Reiki (energy healing) and in 2009 I went into professional practice. I studied with five Reiki Masters before attaining Reiki Master in 2012, and I have taught over 150 students in the Tri State area. 

I founded Tri State Holistic Wellness in 2018 after certifying in several other modalities including Acupressure, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Chinese Cupping Therapy, Mindfulness, Life Coaching, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. 

I continue to learn every day and share my knowledge and expertise with my clients. 


My Philosophy

Regarding health and wellness, our bodies are more than a collection of chemical processes. We are made of many finely-tuned, overlapping systems that support and control each other.

Our nervous system is comprised primarily of two branches. The sympathetic (fight or flight) and parasympathetic (rest and digest). 

From time immemorial, this system has kept us safe from threats and attacks. We perceive a threat (sabre toothed tiger) and our body shuts down all non-essential systems. Normally, the immune system, digestion, healing and repair, etc.

When the threat is over, the nervous system switches back to rest and digest. 

Unfortunately, we immerse ourselves in a contant stream of stress and anxiety. 

This leaves our body in a constant state of fight or flight. Our body never gets a chance to heal. 

Once the body is relaxed and balanced, healing commences. 

I believe that balancing the energy systems (emotional, mental, phsyical, spiritual) creates and environment which allows healing and growth. Retraining a person to perceive the world as non-threatening can aid in their ongoing healing process.

Illness and Wellness comprise two major components: 

What crosses your lips and what crosses your mind. 

There is only one disease: Cellular Malfunction.

It has two causes: Deficiency and Toxicity.


These are controlled by 6 pathways:

Illness                                                                                                    Wellness

                                  <---                  Nutrition              --->

                                  <---                   Toxins                   --->

                                   <---                  Mental                   --->

                                   <---                  Physical                 --->

                                    <---                 Genetic                 --->

                                     <---                Medical                --->

Each of these 6 Pathways can be manipulated by actions you take to move you closer to illness or closer to wellness. 

Book a session today and begin your journey on the path to wellness.