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About Me

Joe Weigant has practiced martial arts and fitness all his life, and has competed in powerlifting and martial arts. He retired as a Detective with the Evansville Police Dept. after 23 years.

Joe is Board Certified and Licensed in Therapeutic Massage. 

In 2009 Joe began practicing Reiki professionally. He has been using his intuitive insight to help clients for years.

In 2020 Joe was diagnosed with stage 3.5 colon cancer and diabetes. Refusing Chemo and other pharmaceuticals, he researched how diet, fasting, herbal supplementation, and mindset can heal the body naturally.

He was then able to heal his body from cancer and diabetes quickly and has lost 140 lbs.

Joe now shares his knowledge with others so they may achieve optimum health.

Joe teaches Tai Chi and Reiki and is available for public speaking engagements on any metaphysical or holistic health related topic.

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