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#82 We've Struck Oil

In October of 2022, (holy shit, I’ve been writing that long?), I authored a little story called the Four Horsemen of the Health Apocalypse.


I explained that nearly EVERY food in the grocery store, convenience store, health store, or department store was made from FOUR primary ingredients.

Fake flour, fake sugar, fake oils, fake flavors.

To this you could add several preservatives, emulsifiers, leaveners, conditioners, and colors.

Basically, you can take highly refined and heavily processed white flour, add some highly refined and heavily processed sugar substitute (high fructose corn syrup), fold in some addictive colors and imitation flavors, and then run it through some hot seed oils; and you could come up with anything from Cheez-itz to Cheetos, to any thing Little Debbie, Hostess, or Dolly Madison makes (incidentally, Hostess bought Dolly Madison, and after twice filing bankruptcy, Hostess was purchased by Smucker’s last year for $5.5B).

Any snack cake, cracker, chip, cookie, or any other snack food is made up of these artificial ingredients.

Most of us SHOULD already know the dangers of added sugars in our diet. We have been told for decades that food products with added sugar are dangerous to health and foster lifestyle diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Because of the anti-sugar craze (justified nonetheless) several diet types have emerged recently that seek to eliminate ALL sugars – INCLUDING those found naturally in fruits and vegetables. I may write a future article describing why this is futile at best and misguided at least.

No, my gentle reader, today’s discussion is about my favorite enemy, --- oils.

“But Weeg,” I hear you cry. “Not the coveted, prized, enlightened, much loved, sacred cow – OLIVE OIL?”

Oh, my dear, even olive oil.

You see, olive oil is not the pure gift from the gods as we have been told. Even the cold pressed, double extra virgins, superdy duperdy, wunderful version is not the panacea that the INDUSTRY says it is.

Olive oil is just as adulterated, just as refined, just as processed as every other oil on the shelves.

Additionally, olive oil produced in Italy is cornered by the mafia, and they (like American corporations) aren’t about to produce a high-quality product if they can produce a cheaper product and lie about its benefits. Nearly all olive oil is adulterated with cheap vegetable or seed oils. This is like your heroin dealer cutting the good stuff with Fentanyl. What he buys raw can now go farther and he can make more money. Italy cuts its product with cheap oils to make more money. (Don’t be shocked – nearly all honey that doesn’t come from “the guy next door with the beehives” is cut the same way with high fructose corn syrup).

That’s just the process for thinning out the product. How olive oil is made (and all cooking oils in fact) will sadden you.

So, sit down and grab a tissue (or a stiff drink), because I’m about to break your heart in this episode of

“What the F%CK are you eating.”

Companies that make money want to do more of just that, make money. There are only ten companies that own all other food product companies in America. They want to maximize profits while minimizing costs. To get the absolute most out of olives, avocados, cotton seeds, almonds, coconuts, whatever the hell canola is (actually it is rapeseed, but no one like that name – and canola is the GMO version of the rape plant, all made in Canada, and banned in Europe), squishing it isn’t nearly enough. Most seed oils cannot be pressed enough to produce enough oil to be profitable.

So chemical extraction is the way to go. The chemical of choice? Hexane.

Yes hexane, the chemical used to process crude oil into gasoline. What do you have when you combine equal parts olive (or avocado, or coconut, or seeds) and hexane? Oils, some pulp (or fiber), and hexane. The hexane must now be removed.

How, you say?

More chemicals.

Then as soon as the oil is extracted it begins to go rancid. No one wants to eat that, and companies can’t sell what won’t be eaten. The oils must be heated, bleached, processed, and refined so they won’t go rancid while stored in a warehouse, shipped in a truck, and stored on a shelf. What winds up being removed is usually the good parts they tout being so healthy about oils. They add conditioners and other elements to prolong the product’s life.

What you get is a steaming pile of hot garbage.

Remember, we heat these oils to elevated temperatures so we can fry chicken in them. When heated, these oils convert to a chemical nightmare that “browns things” so they are attractive (and crunchy). Some of these oils have high smoke points so they can be used to deep fry or pan fry things. The more refined the oil, the higher the smoke point. This is why you should never cook with “real” cold expeller pressed, first run, extra virgin olive oil. It is only meant to be used on salads or hummus, etc.

Sick to your stomach yet?

Hang on, we’re not done yet.

When the body encounters these oils, it doesn’t know how to utilize them. The body is very smart, and knows how to break down real coconuts, avocados, olives, and seeds. They are real fats embedded in a fiber matrix. The body uses the fiber to clean the colon, feed beneficial gut microbiome, and clean the arteries. The whole, natural fats are then used to grease joints, protect the brain, etc.

The body doesn’t know what to do with these fake oils especially if they are used for frying fake flour and fake sugar with fake flavors.

Furthermore, oils are 4000 calories per pound, which equates to 120 calories per TBSP. I watch a lot of cooking videos on YouTube and they usually start with 3 TBSP before adding anything else, then add more oils later..

Your body sees these things as a foreign invader – which they are. They are unnatural chemicals that are cheap to produce but are nutritionally dead. The body sees these invaders and mounts an immune attack. Yes, the immune system kicks up a response to fight the meal you just ate. These foods and oils are nutritionally dead.

The cells are smart. They put out a cry for nutrients. You reach for something cheap and fast and convenient and tasty. Just picture any brightly colored box on the shelf. Since you just ate something nutritionally dead, your cells are pissed off and put out another cry for the nutrition it needs to make more healthy cells. You eat more cookies and candies and sodas. You are now overfed and undernourished. Glutinous and starving. Meanwhile, the body is ramping up its immune system to fight off the invasion of garbage you’ve been eating.  

The immune system, exhausted from fighting every meal you eat, starts looking at everything as a threat. Your own body is included in the list of enemies. Once the immune system starts attacking your body, auto-immune disorders result. Your body then sees your joints (RA), your muscles (MS), your nerves (Fibro), your brain (Alzheimer’s), etc, as the enemy and must be destroyed to save the body.

Then you are in a world of shit.

Furthermore, the oils are doing terrible things to your body.

Oils coat and fill the cells, like carnauba wax. This is where we get into even more trouble.

Foods we eat are broken down into smaller pieces. Proteins are broken down into amino acids, fats are broken down into fatty acids, and carbohydrates are broken down into glucose. This is a natural process and normally functions perfectly. Glucose floats around in the blood until the hippocampus determines there is glucose in the blood that can be stored in the muscles and liver for energy. The hippocampus tells the pituitary gland to instruct the pancreas to produce insulin to grab ahold of the glucose molecules and take them to the cells. Glucose can’t get into the cells on its own, it needs insulin. Insulin grabs ahold of glucose and becomes the key that unlocks the cell membrane so it can push the glucose into the cell.

To make a campfire you need three things: oxygen, a fuel source (wood) and a spark.

The same with energy in the body. It needs a fuel source, glucose, oxygen, and the spark is created in the mitochondria. When oils coat the cells, the insulin can’t get into the keyhole in the cell membrane. So insulin just keeps swimming in the blood looking for another cell. Over time, the hippocampus realizes that glucose in the blood is still high and sends calls for more insulin. Meanwhile the cells are begging for nutrients and glucose, so the brain tells you to eat more. You pick up more snack food. The problem magnifies. Blood glucose is now critically high. Now insulin becomes violent and begins slamming glucose into the cells. The cells, now full of glucose, need oxygen.

Second problem. Oxygen doesn’t use a key hormone like insulin to get into the cell. Oxygen uses an electric charge to enter the cell. The charge is blocked by the abundance of oils on the membrane and in the cell. Oxygen goes nowhere.

This is where things go terribly awry. The cell, being so smart, figures out that it can ferment sugar for energy. Then it teaches nearby cells to do the same thing. This, my dear friend, is cancer. Cancer is a lifestyle disease. I happen to know, I had cancer. Unknowingly, I craved sugar like crazy.

This is why cancer loves sugar so much and detests oxygen. Cancer is a cell that ferments glucose in an environment devoid of oxygen.

(Cancer is also a cell that lacks an apoptosis code, but that’s for another day. Cancer also thrives in an environment where the immune system is so busy fighting your meals that it can’t destroy newly budding cancerous cells. Additionally, the average human creates millions of cancerous cells every day, our immune system has ways of destroying them – unless it’s compromised)

Don’t get me wrong, there are many factors involved in creating cancer in the body. But this is one of them.


When I started making cancer in my body, I read 30 books and learned all this stuff. Then I healed my body from cancer and improved my health.

They say that cancer changes your life. I agree, but feel that if you don’t change your life, cancer will do it for you. I changed my lifestyle, inside and out. I changed what I put into my body and what I generated from inside my body, namely my thoughts.


What can we do to avoid all these bad things, like oils and fake flour and such?


First. Stop eating snacks. All of them. If you feel like snacking, ask yourself if you are thirsty or just bored. Drink some water or go for a walk.

Second. Stop eating factory produced food type products. They are chemical shitstorms that wreck your body and cause a cascade of disruptions that negatively impact your health.

Third. Avoid all added sugars. Not fruits or veggies. These are the good sugars. I’m talking about sugary sweets, snacks, and other foods. There are 75 names for sugar and food companies (they MAKE food, not grow it) will put it in everything so it will taste good enough for you to buy again the next time you’re shopping.

Fourth. Avoid all oils. All of them. If you want to cook in the skillet, use broth or soy sauce. I don’t use butter either, but that’s my life. I cook nearly every meal in a skillet, or in the air fryer. I only use broth to sauté.

Fifth, which should be first. STOP DRINKING SODAS. Just stop it. Stop with the energy drinks, fitness drinks, vitamin waters, flavored waters, and electrolyte drinks. They are all essentially fake sugar and fake flavor.

Sixth. Eat only real, grown food. If it was food two hundred years ago, you can eat it today. If it was made in a factory you should run like hell in the other direction.

There it is folks. Go ahead, hate me. I can take it. I’ll endure your hate one thousand times before I endure cancer again. And I don’t want you to get cancer, either.

I told you before we began here tonight that I would break your heart. But I would rather break your heart trying to help you than lie to your face and watch you get sick. I can’t with good conscience affirm your desire to eat hot pockets, Cheetos, and soda pop.

You can do better. Your body wants you to.

Eat real foods. Your body will thank you. It will make more energy, it will make proper hormones, it will return to normal healthy functioning and repair itself.

You’ll feel better and look better.


You are worth it.





Joe “Weeg” Weigant is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Holistic Health Practitioner, Herbalist, Metaphysician, and Empowerment Coach. He combines bodywork, energy work, and coaching to improve quality of life by healing from the outside in and from the inside out. Weeg coaches his clients to drop the white flag of victimhood and pick up the banner of empowerment, inspiring them to stop riding in life’s trunk and take the wheel of their lives.

Weeg sells Nature’s Sunshine Products, Pure Herbs Ltd., doTERRA, and Juice Plus+. Weeg suggests lifestyle changes and provides herbal remedies to his clients build new habits for long life and vibrant health. He teaches Karate and Tai Chi, Reiki Certification, as well as seminars and workshops in metaphysical and spiritual matters. Weeg is available for sessions at Tri State Holistic Wellness by appointment only.


Contact by text 812.568.5356, or Facebook Messenger to set an appointment.



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