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Let Them Hate

Let them judge you. Let them hate you. Its alright.

Do the radical thing. Do the impossible. Do what is necessary for success. Do what is required for forward movement.

Do your thing, every day.

Do what they won’t do so later you can do what they can’t do. You can be what they can’t be.

You can be extraordinary.

Some say that the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is “that little bit extra.”

I say bullshit.

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is focused, driven action. Like Deadpool says, “Maximum effort.” The kind of obsession that demands you perform above your own expectations. The action that leads others to believe you are insane.

You will never be criticized by those doing more than you.

There are several reasons for this.

One. Those doing more than you don’t have the time to punch below their weight class. They’re focusing on their own path and can’t be bothered to stop you from accomplishing your own goals.

Two. Those doing less than you are put off by your efforts. They can’t see themselves being radical. They can’t imagine stepping out of the mold of the ordinary. So they must stop you. They must break you down.

I heard a concept once call “Crabs in a bucket.” If you put a bunch of crabs in a bucket, they will fight and claw at each other. Eventually, one will try to get out of the bucket. He will get one claw over the top, almost there. When you think he just might make it, another crab pulls him back in.

And this is why those doing less than you will cut you down. They won’t stand for anyone to get out of the bucket. So they have to being you back down to their level.

Ever get a new job and try so hard that other workers pull you aside and tell you to slow down?

Whoa, ho ho, they say. You’re going to make us all look bad. Slow down. They can’t chew your ass if you’re sitting on it.

It happened to me; I know it has happened to you.

So what does radical action look like? Does this mean you’re running a marathon tomorrow? Does this mean you aren’t getting up off that floor until you do 200 pushups? Does this mean you’re showing up an hour early for work every day? Does this mean you’re swearing off sodas or making a radical change in your diet this moment?


Like I have said before. It starts with small actions. It starts by walking up the stairs instead of taking an elevator. It means showing up 20 minutes early to work so you can get through your emails before the day begins. It means deciding that you’re going to drink one less soda today. It means telling yourself that you’re hungry for a snack this afternoon but you’re going to wait to eat until you’re home for dinner.

Start with 5 pushups. Can’t do 5? Start with 3. But start.

It starts small. Small things grow.

A sculpture is never made by taking the chisel to a large piece of granite and calling it done in one hit of the hammer. Michelangelo’s David was made by slowly chipping away at everything that wasn’t David, one tiny chip at a time.

Such is your life. Set a goal. Work toward it one step at a time. Consistent action. Unwavering determination.

Let them hate you. You can’t pay your rent with opinions anyway. They're gonna hate.

Look at anyone who ever achieved anything. They all met criticism and derision. They accomplished despite all that.

You do it.

Do it despite the hate. Do it because of the hate.

But do it.

Radical goals demand radical action. Maximum Effort.

Start today.

All the love,


I am currently in school for Therapeutic Massage. When finished, I’ll add that modality to my offerings at Tri State Holistic Wellness. I’ll combine Massage, Acupressure, and Reiki in one session along with tuning forks and sound therapies. The result will be complete mental and physical relaxation and stress reduction. I’m practicing on willing clients right now.

I’ve got a goal; I’m working toward it. It means sacrifice. But actions achieve. Here I am.

This week in Tai Chi, we will work on our forms again. Shui Lung and Tai Chi Gung. Greatness is attained by practice. And practice is its own reward.

I would love to see you in class this week.

Classes are as follows.

All classes are pay as you go. No contracts or commitments.


Tuesday 6:30pm

Dubois County Museum

2704 Newton

Classes are $12.


Wednesday 6:30pm

Tri State Holistic Wellness

500 Saint Phillips Rd 47712

Classes are $10 cash

Saturday 11:00 am

Unity of Evansville

4118 Pollack Ave 47714

Classes are $10 cash

I'm available by appointment throughout the week in Evansville for

Reiki / Acupressure

Herbalism / Nutrition

sessions. $60 cash

Message me by text, email, or Facebook Messenger to schedule an appointment.

In the Tao,

Sifu Weeg

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