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#86 Sandbags

I was providing a client some Reiki energy work the other day when I happened upon a vision. This is quite common while doing energy work and it nearly always involves a message I need to pass along to the client. Subsequently it usually also applies not only to me but to a great many people in general.


I saw a hot air balloon incapable of takeoff. There were too many sandbags attached to the gondola. The pilot was applying all the gas he could to the balloon (called an envelope) but the balloon simply would not leave the ground. Eventually the pilot cut away some of the sandbags and the balloon lifted from the earth.


We are the hot air balloon.


If we are weighed down by so many sandbags, we can never take flight. No matter how much fuel we apply to our dreams we can never launch.


What are our sandbags?


1.        The need to please everyone. You aren’t responsible for everyone else’s happiness. You aren’t required to put your life on hold so you can fulfill someone else’s needs.

2.        The need for approval. No one else will ever approve of your change in direction if it means you might be less able to fulfil the expectations they see in you. Seeking approval from other people is basically asking permission to be happy in your own life.

3.        The feeling of not being good enough. Inadequacy is all in your head. You are good enough. You might not be trained in an area, educated on a topic, or skilled in a new endeavor yet, but you have what it takes to learn, develop, and grow. You are already enough. You only need to develop discipline to earn your goal.

4.        The victim mindset. We have all had setbacks. We have all been treated poorly by another person. Learn this: You have been victimized once, maybe even twice. But you ARE NOT a victim. You had struggles, you had troubled times. We all have. None of us has escaped this. This is human life. Don’t choose to be a victim forever.

5.        The failure to see beyond where you are. If you never leave the ground, you will never know what is like to fly. Your belief system is holding you back. Once in the air, you will have a different vantage point.

6.        The fear of the unknown. Remaining in a familiar yet uncomfortable environment is often not as scary as venturing into what is for you, uncharted territory. Changing directions is often frightening, but necessary for growth. Take the bet. Challenge yourself.

7.        Doubt. Why don’t you think you can do it? Why don’t you think you can have it? Why shouldn’t good things go your way? Leave that shit behind. Step into it.

Once a hot air balloon is airborne, how does the pilot steer? There are no control surfaces like an airplane. There is no rotor like a helicopter. No oars or sails like a boat. To change directions, the pilot must change the altitude of the balloon. This way the balloon will catch a new wind and change directions.


But how does a balloon pilot change altitude? He can raise altitude by either adding gas to the envelope or removing handfuls of sand from the sandbags. He can make the balloon descend by opening a flap at the top of the envelope and letting hot gas out. The pilot might have his sights set on a hilltop or a field a mile or two away. If the wind he is riding is taking him off course, he adds gas or removes sand, or he lets air out, so he will catch a new current and make a course correction.


You must do the same. Once airborne, you must add motivation and drive to your dreams, or remove more sand from your sandbags. Your goal is the same, but sometimes course corrections are crucial. A meandering course often provides better scenery on your way to your goal. New scenery provides new vantage points, better angles with which to view your course. This makes your journey more interesting. Sometimes along the way you realize it’s better to land your balloon on a different hilltop than what you originally intended.


In high school I wanted to design computers. I went to school for electrical engineering. I learned that the degree I studied was intended for guys who wanted to be maintenance or robot programmers in a factory. This is not what I wanted. Also, I quickly realized I’m not really all that good at electrical engineering. I sucked at it. I flunked out. The dean asked me not to return.


After changing course a few times and taking on some really bad jobs, I ended up at a factory anyway. This is not the wind I wanted to ride. I had to add gas to my balloon. I went to school for architectural design technology and made straight A’s. While riding that air current, I changed course again. A conversation with my karate instructor inspired me to pursue my dream of becoming a police officer. I remained in school just in case some unforeseen circumstances prevented me from becoming a cop. I could always work in a design form if I failed. Instead, I succeeded in my dream of becoming a cop.


What is your goal? What have you always dreamed of doing? Who would you like to be?

Stop giving a shit what others think and go do it. Learn a new skill, go back to school, let go of your sandbags of doubt and fear and concern for other's opinions.

The winds are always changing. Times are changing. WE are changing. The Tao De Ching states that everything is always in a state of change.

Nothing is static.

Nothing, good or bad, lasts forever.

Don’t be afraid. You are enough. You have survived everything that has happened to you thus far.

You can grow. You can learn new things.

You got this.


Now do it.





Joe “Weeg” Weigant is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Holistic Health Practitioner, Herbalist, Metaphysician, and Empowerment Coach. He combines bodywork, energy work, and coaching to improve quality of life by healing from the outside in and from the inside out.

Weeg sells Nature’s Sunshine Products, Pure Herbs Ltd., doTERRA, and Juice Plus+. Weeg suggests lifestyle changes and provides herbal remedies to his clients so they may build new habits for long life and vibrant health. He teaches Karate and Tai Chi, Reiki Certification, as well as seminars and workshops in metaphysical and spiritual matters. Weeg is available for sessions at Tri State Holistic Wellness by appointment only.


Contact by text 812.568.5356, or Facebook Messenger to set an appointment.






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Mar 16
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Weeg brilliantly interweaves wisdom with analogies in a practical way to bring one to enlightenment and personal evolution. I'd give 10 stars if possible. Mandy F.

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