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#81 A Formula for Success

Success in any endeavor relies on several factors, each with varying degrees of probability. You’ll notice I entitled this article “A” Formula, rather than the definite and inescapable “The” Formula. I certainly don’t want to find myself painted into a corner declaring I possess the only keys to knowledge in this arena. There are so many others much more qualified to define success and the tools implemented along that path.

Many factors leading to success are directly under your control. Other variables, however, are circumstances, and represent environments or events to which we can only respond.

There’s an old saying.

Alter the plan, but not the goal.

Sometimes, circumstances outside our direct control introduce added information that can propel us toward our goals or deter us in a way that encourages us to become more prepared for another facet of our ultimate achievement.

Contemplating this end, I have arrived at a simple formula that might include the variables that intersect at the junction of success.


S = D + [(O*P) + (C*A)] / N



Let’s break this down. Obviously, even I can’t make sense of this mess the way it’s written.


S is for Success. The obvious positive result of any endeavor. The conclusion of all the work and preparation needed to accomplish a task or complete a goal.

D is for Desire. We must first want or need to attain some prize, goal, or skill. We want something we don’t have or can’t do.

O is for opportunity. Sometimes we make opportunities, other times the opportunity makes itself. All we need is a chance or an opening.

P is for preparation. Opportunities are nothing if we haven’t been studying, practicing, learning, and putting in the time to be ready for the chance to let your preparation shine. Opportunity multiplied by preparation gives us the moment we need to make our dreams come true.

C is for Courage. Without courage, we freeze. We fail to move. The opportunity presents itself and we do nothing. We did not set aside our fear. We did not seize the day and make that chance our bitch. All the preparation in the world will not cause things to happen if we hesitate at the moment of truth.

A is for Action. Setting aside our fear, we move. We put our preparations to use. All our planning, learning, and previous failings have given us all we need to clutch the opportunity and step forward. Lack of courage translates to lack of action. Then it is all for naught. When opportunity introduces itself to your preparation and you are mentally ready, you act. You do. You perform. You move ahead.

N is for Negativity. There is no room for negativity when in pursuit of your goals. Self-doubt, cowardice, lack of self-esteem, timidity, lack of confidence, and meekness will crush your dreams before you even start.

Action has another concerning factor.

Analysis paralysis.

The opportunity might arrive at the time when we are most prepared, we might be brave (or crazy) enough to move forward into the situation. But if we analyze the data too long, we might miss our chance. If we spend too much time considering options and consequences, we soon discover the opportunity has vanished. We must be willing to step into the light when the opportunity presents itself.


The only thing worse than not taking advantage of an opportunity along our goal for which we have been preparing, is never setting the goal in the first place.


Opportunity and preparation are intertwined, as are courage and action. Together they represent the work needed to attain a goal married with the ability to perform the goal. Setting aside negativity and hesitation, we achieve success.

This isn’t a formula we write down on a red-yarn pin board and follow to the letter. It’s a concept to keep stored in the back of the mind any time we set out to achieve an end, or learn a skill, or improve our position.


The most important factor is, of course, preparation. Work. Work, fail, learn, work some more. Then fail again. Muck it up and learn some more. This is the preparation that will shine when opportunity knocks and asks us to take a leap into the unknown. Fear of failure is the end of progress.


First, want it. Then work toward it. Then achieve it.


The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.



March 1st, services will be $70 for 60 minutes, $105 for 90 minutes, $140 for 120 minutes.


Joe “Weeg” Weigant is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Holistic Health Practitioner, Herbalist, Metaphysician, and Empowerment Coach. He combines bodywork, energy work, and coaching to improve quality of life by healing from the outside in and from the inside out. Weeg coaches his clients to drop the white flag of victimhood and pick up the banner of empowerment, inspiring them to stop riding in life’s trunk and take the wheel of their lives.

Weeg sells Nature’s Sunshine Products, Pure Herbs Ltd., doTERRA, and Juice Plus+. Weeg suggests lifestyle changes and provides herbal remedies to his clients build new habits for long life and vibrant health. He teaches Karate and Tai Chi, Reiki Certification, as well as seminars and workshops in metaphysical and spiritual matters. Weeg is available for sessions at Tri State Holistic Wellness by appointment only.


Contact by text 812.568.5356, or Facebook Messenger to set an appointment.





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