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#38 The Cow and the Buffalo

There is an interesting allegory about the cow and the buffalo.

The allegory involves how they each handle storms.

When the cows see the storm approaching, they turn and run from the storm. The cattle don’t want to be caught in the downpour, so they walk away ahead of the storm in the same direction.

(Look up The Prometheus School of Running Away from Things)

The buffalo, however, will turn and run full steam into the storm. They run right at it, INTO the storm as it is heading right for them.

Why this behavior?

The buffalo want to spend as little time in the downpour as possible. So they run into it and through it. As the storm passes overhead, it’s going behind them. The buffalo have learned to minimize their time in difficulty.

The cattle aren’t so lucky. In their attempt to avoid the bad weather, they run away. In the same direction as the storm, but ahead of it. When the storm catches them, it’s going the same direction. It follows them, overtakes them, and then passes in front of them. They’ve spent more time in the storm.

Jean de la Fontaine said "A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it".

The cow, in his attempt to avoid the storm, spends more time being rained on than he ever imagined. The buffalo runs straight for the storm. The storm passes over him, and he endures less time in the downpour.

We often know when adversity is coming. Many times, we try to avoid the impending trouble. We run away, we procrastinate, we deflect, we defend. This sometimes backfires. We have more trouble than if we had just faced it, dived in headlong, taken the bull (or buffalo) by the horns.

Sometimes, you know it’s gonna suck. Be the buffalo, embrace the suck. Head into the impending doom, take it on. Put your head down and move forward.

You might find the suck doesn’t last quite as long as if you had tried to avoid it.


Joe “Weeg” Weigant is an empowerment coach who specializes in combining different bodywork and energy work modalities (Reiki, Acupressure, Tuning Forks, Massage, Reflexology, Sound/Vibration Therapy) to release trauma, reset the autonomic nervous system, and balance the energy systems of the body. This begins the healing process in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our lives. Weeg sells herbal products by Nature’s Sunshine and Pure Herbs Ltd. and is a Representative for Juice Plus. Weeg teaches Karate and Tai Chi, Reiki Certification, as well as seminars and workshops in metaphysical and spiritual matters. Weeg is available for sessions at Tri State Holistic Wellness by appointment only.

Contact by text 812.568.5356, or Facebook Messenger to set an appointment.

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