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Maintenance is Intended to be Continuous

"I changed the oil four years ago, Why is the engine seized?"

"I ran the vacuum last winter, where are these mushrooms coming from?"

"I mowed that yard three summers ago, it should be good a while."

We can't expect to perform an action once and never have to do it again. It is the nature of things to break down and need attention. Thus we maintain things by giving them the attention they require.

The Oxford Dictionary (used by Google) defines maintain thus:

  1. To cause or enable a state or condition to continue

  2. To keep something at the same level or rate

  3. To keep in good condition or working order by checking or repairing regularly

Our bodies are machines desiring maintenance. We simply must check or repair them to keep them in working order. If we don't feed or water ourselves, we will certainly stop working. If we eat horrible foods, or filthy water, we will stop working. If we don't move about regularly, we will stop working.

We must maintain the condition of our bodies by maintenance. Maintenance by definition requires regularity. We can't eat one carrot last year and expect to keep running strong. We can't perform one push up once in our lives and complain when we can't open a pickle jar.

Our bodies demand regularity, routine, habit, repetition. We must cultivate a habit of proper exercise and diet. Small actions performed routinely establish consistent results.

Starting at age 13, I made weight training a core part of my life. In my 30s I started powerlifting training. I competed in contests an eventually set four IN state records in my age and weight class. (Squat 625, Bench 505, Deadlift 525, Sept 16 2006, 242lb weight class)

After hitting the wall of my genetic potential, and suffering a minor back injury that sidelined me a while, I stopped lifting so heavy. I switched to Yoga, Kettlebells, Tai Chi, etc. But I didn't stop exercising.

Until I did.

In 2012, I took a job in the Detective Office and left Motor Patrol. I sat behind the desk, started eating lunch at restaurants, and quit going to the gym. I gained over 100 pounds in about a year. I topped the scales at 320. Yikes.

I took a cold, hard look at my life and decided it was time to change. I changed my diet and exercise plan. I started intermittent fasting, which I still do today. In fact, I'm in the middle of a 48 hour fast as I write this. I started teaching Tai Chi and karate again. I even started personal training other people until the shutdown.

No house is built of one brick. It takes a thousand bricks, set one at a time, repeatedly, to make a house. It takes one small act, done repeatedly, to build a healthy body.

Will I ever compete in powerlifting again? NO. I'm not in my 30's anymore. But what I'm doing now will keep me healthy well into my 90's.

I tell my clients all they really have to do is stand up from a chair 10 times, or push away from the kitchen counter 10 times. This is all it takes to get started. Just bend down and touch your toes a couple times a day.

When it comes to fuel, start by eating one more vegetable. One more piece of fruit.

These small habits will inspire you to keep the pattern flowing. And this is maintenance. Keeping something at the same level and enabling it to continue.

Change the oil regularly in your car and it will last several hundred thousand miles. Feed your body good things and move it around a bit and it should last 80 years or so.

This week in Tai Chi we continue to work on our forms. We start with a mindfulness meditation to connect the mind and body. Then a few qigong movements to further that goal. Then let's move into the forms and concentrate on grace and flow.

TUESDAY CLASS IS CANCELED. I will by out of town Tuesday. Sorry for any inconvenience. All other classes continue as scheduled.

Classes are as follows.

All classes are pay as you go. No contracts or commitments.


Tuesday 6:30pm

Dubois County Museum

2704 Newton

Classes are $12.


Wednesday 6:30pm

Tri State Holistic Wellness

500 Saint Phillips Rd 47712

Classes are $10 cash

Saturday 11:00 am

Unity of Evansville

4118 Pollack Ave 47714

Classes are $10 cash

I'm available by appointment throughout the week in Evansville for

Reiki / Acupressure

Herbalism / Nutrition

sessions. $60 cash

Message me by text, email, or Facebook Messenger to schedule an appointment.

In the Tao,

Sifu Weeg

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