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This Week in Tai Chi

If I said this to my kids once, I told them one hundred times.

We homeschooled all three kids through every grade. They never once rode a bus or sat in a classroom. Homeschooling has its benefits, but it has its challenges.

One such challenge is convincing them to do their homework. The instruction would be finished for the day, but the assignments needed completion in order to be turned in to the curriculum company (we used Abeka Book).

The kids would goof off all day, laughing and giggling, wasting long hours. It would sometimes be after dinner before their assignments would be finished, and often they would try every trick in the book (and I wrote a few of those chapters myself) to avoid them entirely.

I tried every day to remind them that if they finished their work first, they would have the rest of the day to play, swim in the pool, watch their favorite shows, etc.

If I told them once, I told them one hundred times, "Do what you have to do so you can do what you want to do."

It took years but they finally saw the light.

We as humans are prone to falling into that rut. We don't want to clean the gutters, paint the doors, change oil in the car, etc. These things keep our houses and cars running properly.

We also find excuses not to exercise, meditate, eat correctly, read inspiring books, etc. These things keep our bodies and minds operating properly.

It has been said recently that "sitting is the new smoking." Lack of movement will catch up to us all. Lack of mind expanding exercise will make the mind stiff and inflexible.

We must take care of the vessel we're driving.

When I turned thirteen, I bought one of those concrete-filled plastic weight sets from Target. I didn't really know what I was doing, but I lifted weights like I was on a mission. Then I started buying muscle mags to learn more and higher quality exercises to make myself fit. I started martial arts at 18. I kept up with weightlifting and martial arts my whole life. In 2001 I started training in powerlifting, and building really grotesque strength. I started competing in contests and eventually won four Indiana State Records (505 bench, 625 squat, 525 deadlift, 1655 total in the 242 weight class).

I was recently promoted to 6th Degree Black Belt in Karate, and it only took me 35 years to get there, haha.

But I rarely missed a training day. Even when I didn't feel like it, I still did it. Even if I was so sore afterwards I could barely walk for a couple of days.

I trained in karate, even when I broke my hand, even when I overstretched and was sore for days, even when I was banged up and looked like a child's finger painting from all the bruises.

But when people would ask, I would tell them I would rather wear out than rust out. I would much rather see my body lose perfect functioning because I challenged it than watch it whither away because I watched some really exciting sitcoms while drinking beer.

Dave Ramsey says on his radio show, "Live like no one else will, so later you can live like no one else will."

I can still do things today that others can't do at my age. I did what I had to do so I can do what I want to do. Today, I teach others how to push themselves. How to learn. How to achieve and excel.

Today I try to inspire others how to take care of their bodies. I teach how to eat correctly, how to lift and stretch correctly. I teach others how to live a more fulfilling life.

This means we have to step up our game. We have to attend. We must encourage ourselves to participate. We have to do what we have to do so we can do what we want to do.

I will continue to push myself every day to teach by the best example. I encourage my students to follow my lead. I can't walk to trail for you, but I can kick the rocks off the path I've laid down for you so you can walk the path yourself.

Let's all push ourselves together in the direction of greater health, longer life, better movement, and lasting peace.

In the movie "Enter the Dragon" Bruce Lee told a student "it's like a finger pointing at the moon. Don't concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory."

My greatest goal in life is to be that finger. To show you the way. Don't look so much at me, but where I'm leading you. We'll get there together.

This week in Tai Chi we visit our form again. Shui Lung, Tai Chi Gung, Yang Style Form.

Classes are as follows.

All classes are pay as you go. No contracts or commitments.


Tuesday 6:30pm

Dubois County Museum

2704 Newton

Classes are $12.


Wednesday 6:30pm

Tri State Holistic Wellness

500 Saint Phillips Rd 47712

Classes are $10 cash

Saturday 11:00 am

Unity of Evansville

4118 Pollack Ave 47714

Classes are $10 cash

I'm available by appointment throughout the week in Evansville for

Reiki / Acupressure

Herbalism / Nutrition

sessions. $60 cash

Message me by text, email, or Facebook Messenger to schedule an appointment.

In the Tao,

Sifu Weeg

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