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#88 Eclipse

If you haven’t heard already, there’s a solar eclipse coming Monday April 8th. Southern Indiana is abuzz with excitement and breathless with anticipation of this celestial event. Evansville is expected to see an influx of over 80,000 people coming to town just to experience the fervor.

An eclipse is when the Earth, the moon, and the sun are lined up in the heavens. A lunar eclipse is when the earth positions itself between the sun and the moon and the moon is completely covered by the shadow of the earth. Only a sliver of the moon is visible.

Rarer yet is the solar eclipse, whereupon the moon slides between the sun and the earth, and part of the earth experiences the moon’s shadow. The moon completely covers all but a sliver of the sun and the corona of light is breathtaking and quite blinding. As the sun travels one direction and the moon the opposite, a shadow travels across some part of the world.

It’s been said by those much brighter than I, and trust me, that seems to be quite a number of people these days, that if the moon, the earth, and the sun were each a slightly different size, or just a few miles different in distance, none of this would be as spectacular. The moon would simply show up as a black spot on the sun or the earth would merely be a black spot on the moon. It’s the perfect sizes and distances that make all this so fantastic.

But again, dear reader, you know I can’t help but try to make bread out of varied ingredients. I simply can’t leave celestial perfection alone. Make certain your seat backs and tray tables are in the upright and locked position, because we’re going places folks.

The sun is so bright that we cannot look directly at it. Hell, I’ve had light sensitivity since childhood, and a lifetime of third shift work hasn’t helped that in the least.

As I mentioned before, when the moon is in just right place at just the right time, it can block about 99% of the sun, leaving a slim margin (corona) behind. While this is also dangerous to gaze upon without protection (unless filing for disability is your thing) it offers a different view of everything the sun normally illuminates.

It’s at this point I nearly titled this article “Something in the Way” ala Nirvana. Hum it with me.

But honestly, something gets in the way and provides us with an unfamiliar perspective. All that is normally illumined by that yellow star in the sky takes on a different appearance.


Allow some rumination on this illumination.



In life, we may often experience an eclipse.

We might gaze upon our circumstances (our relationships, our careers, our futures, our investments, our life paths) and be blinded by all the circumstances at once. Unable to objectively examine the way things truly are, we may take action as if our vantage point is all the information available.

But then, fate jams her wooden spoon into the pot and stirs things up a bit.

It’s like telling a child to look for their matching sock amongst the mess on the floor. They stare unmotivated at the piles of toys and clothes. But then we parents kick a toy aside and whoa, there’s the sock’s twin. That’s right, the Lego Death Star was in the way.

On a much more crucial scale, our lives can reflect this similar fate twist.

Ever wonder why someone is driving like an idiot and then ten seconds later realize they were trying to avoid some ridiculous circumstance?

Ever wonder why someone at work is behaving oddly or being a real douchebag and then realize they may have some work or family happenstance is weighing heavily on their mind?

You didn’t have all the information at hand.

Nay, more. Sometimes you need to make a decision and can’t determine the pro’s and con’s list.

Let me give you an example from my own dull life.

Years ago, I was renting space to run my little Reiki business. Out of the blue a guy I had known years prior called me for a meeting. After we rehashed some old times over lunch, he proposed I come work for his wife’s business. After much discussion, that deal fell through.

A few months later, while visiting a small shop on Franklin St., I was offered a space to rent. I considered this carefully but declined.

A week later, the store where I was renting decided to move across town.

I moved to Franklin St., where I had some amazing experiences.

The point (yes, I’m getting around to it) is that something got in the way. I had no intention of leaving my original space. But an opportunity blocked my view for a minute. After that, I realized I should open my eyes to other prospects.

From time to time, opportunities present themselves to us so we can broaden our perspective. With our path blocked, we can see alternate routes.

Monday, the moon will disrupt what we thought would constantly light our path, only to show us a different light instead. Wear your glasses.


Look for those times in your life when something disrupts what you thought would be constant, and you’ll suddenly find new opportunities.



Added note. During the eclipse seven planets will be visible in a nearly straight line, with the eclipse at the midway point. What might line up for you if you pay attention when something gets in your way?





Joe “Weeg” Weigant is a Board Certified Massage Therapist, Holistic Health Authority, Reiki Master Teacher, Herbalist, Metaphysician, and Empowerment Coach. He combines bodywork, energy work, and coaching to improve quality of life by healing from the outside in and from the inside out.

Weeg sells Nature’s Sunshine Products, Pure Herbs Ltd., doTERRA, and Juice Plus+. Weeg suggests lifestyle changes and provides herbal remedies to his clients so they may build new habits for long life and vibrant health. He teaches Karate and Tai Chi, Reiki Certification, as well as seminars and workshops in metaphysical and spiritual matters. Weeg is available for sessions at Tri State Holistic Wellness by appointment only.


Contact by text 812.568.5356, or Facebook Messenger to set an appointment.



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