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#57 Don't Die While Alive

Some people die at 25 and aren’t buried until 75.

Benjamin Franklin.

Did you stop living once you found “a good job?” We go to college, get our degree in beer pong and the walk of shame, and then land that promised job with XYZ Inc. That’s when we begin to die. Routine becomes routine. Daily grind becomes daily life, which becomes daily grind. We just stop.

Or, we get a “job” that really goes nowhere, just so we can play on the weekends. The job means nothing more than food and beer, but we can watch every sports game on 37 channels.

Either way, we just stop living.

I, myself, died the other way. I worked too much, slept too little. I slept 2-4 hours a day working third shift in a factory while going through college (for a degree I never used). After that I became a policeman, again on third shift, worked five jobs, all while sleeping 2-4 hours a day.

Yet, during that entire time, I studied and taught martial arts, competed in powerlifting contests, taught karate and Tai Chi, became a Reiki Master, an ordained minister, a Freemason, a homeschool principal, a paranormal resolutions specialist (crossing the dead over), an herbalist and holistic health practitioner. My leisure was spent learning and growing and serving others with what I learned.

It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live. Marcus Aurelius

Don’t tap the brakes on your life. Yes, work needs to be done. Yes, chores and repairs need to be done. These are on no account to be neglected. But live. Yes live. Live a full life. Live a life so full that when it comes time for you to have to leave your body, at only the most advanced of age, you must be plucked from life while still accomplishing your dreams.

Look back on your life and cherish the times you’ve had with friends, the time spent with your children, the music you played, the art you painted, the meals you created. Celebrate doing and being.

I know I make fun of the Kardashians a bit. Honestly, I’ve never seen one episode. The ads for the show make it seem so vapid. But the show has been running 63 seasons now, it seems, so apparently, someone is still watching that drivel. Cable TV and streaming services have tens of thousands of shows to watch. One can buy a sports package on cable and never miss a football game, baseball game, tennis, or (if you’re from Indiana) any basketball game. Personally, I’ve never watched sports, even as a kid. But I can’t imagine looking back on my life at the ripe old age of 97 (yes, I plan to live past that, don’t worry I was just being conservative) and calculating all the sports shows or Kardashian episodes I took in. I want so much more than that for myself.

And I want more than that for you too. I want you to live. To have a full life. To learn and grow. To experience all that life has to offer. Live life. Live it well. Live it fully and completely.

Enjoy everything. Regret nothing.


Joe “Weeg” Weigant is a Holistic Health Practitioner, Metaphysician, and Empowerment Coach. He combined bodywork, energy work, sound therapy, and coaching to relieve anxiety and depression. A balanced nervous and energy system increases health in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Joe encourages his clients to drop the white flag of victimhood and pick up the banner of empowerment. He inspires people to stop riding in life’s trunk and start sitting in the driver’s seat of destiny.

Weeg sells herbal products by Nature’s Sunshine and Pure Herbs Ltd. and is a Representative for Juice Plus. Weeg teaches Karate and Tai Chi, Reiki Certification, as well as seminars and workshops in metaphysical and spiritual matters. Weeg is available for sessions at Tri State Holistic Wellness by appointment only.

Contact by text 812.568.5356, or Facebook Messenger to set an appointment.

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